Our Work


Health Promotion & Service Delivery

Comprehensive HIV Prevention

  • Provision of male and female condoms
  • Provision of lubricants
  • HIV testing services
  • STI screening

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

  • Provision of ARVS
  • STI screening and treatment
  • Health education

Health System Strengthening

  • HIV and nutrition
  • KP Guidelines

Community Social and Economic Empowerment

Peer Education Model

  • Establishment of sub-population peer led approach
  • Provisioning resources for self-sustainability
  • Personal development of peers for self-advocacy

Capacity Building and Mentorship

  • Technical assistance, resource and information
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders for capacity growth
  • Development and implementation of mentorship program

Income Generating Activities

  • Exploration of funding opportunities
  • Linkage to social and economic enterprises

Research, Advocacy, and Policy reforms

  • Build awareness among LGBTIQ members on research agenda
  • Collaboration with leading research organizations in development and implementation
  • Partnership building with human rights organizations & NGOs
  • Media campaigns for engagement and awareness
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