Our VISION is an empowered society that embraces the inclusivity of marginalized groups and sexual minorities.

Our MISSION is to promote quality & healthy living for marginalized sexual minorities & marginalized groups through integrated health services empowerment, advocacy, and research.



AMKENI MALINDI is an organization for Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexual men and women, Transgender, Intersex, Queer people, and Male Sex workers. It was founded in November 2009, as a support group for men who have sex with men in Malindi, Kilifi County, and officially registered in March 2013 as a CBO to create and provide a safe space for LGBTIQ+ and Male Sex Workers by linking them to low cost social, legal and health services, from a variety of organizations. AMKENI MALINDI also provides psychosocial and mental health support within the greater Kilifi County. AMKENI MALINDI is a member of Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK). 

Over the years, AMKENI has grown from a youth-focused support group to a broader LGBTI organization in Malindi-North Coast of Kenya. In 2010, the group collaborated with KEMRI to provide a conducive environment for members seeking a meeting in a safe space.  Since then, we have grown tremendously in numbers. We provide access to comprehensive services, utilizing the peer education model to reach the community and push for the betterment of human rights issues affecting LGBTQ+ community members in Kilifi County. Moreover, we have partnered with ith Red Cross–Kenya to establish DICE and UHAI.


Health Promotion & Service Delivery

Comprehensive HIV Prevention

  • Provision of Male and Female Condoms 
  • Provision of Lubricants 
  • HIV Testing Services 
  • STI screening 

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

  • Provision of ARVS
  • STI screening and treatment
  • Health education/ forums

Health System Strengthening

  • Nutrition and HIV
  • KP Guidelines

Community Social and Economic Empowerment

Peer Education Model

  • Establishment of sub-population peer led approach
  • Provision of stipend and resources for self-sustainability
  • Personal development of peers for self-advocacy

Capacity Building and Mentorship

  • Technical assistance, resources and information 
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders for capacity growth 
  • Develop and implement a mentorship programme
  • Develop and implement a structured internship programme Income Generating Activities (IGA)
  • Explore funding opportunities for income generating activities
  • Linkage to social and economic enterprises

Research, Advocacy, and Policy reforms

  • Awareness creation among LGBTI members on research agenda
  • Collaboration with leading research organizations in developing, implementing research activities
  • Partnership Building. Partnership with Human Rights Organizations
  • Media engagement
  • Awareness campaigns

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AMKENI MALINDI would like to thank our partners: