Sexual abuse refers to any type of sexual activity or behavior that is unwanted, non-consensual, and/or coerced. This can include a wide range of actions such as sexual touching, fondling, kissing, oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration, and sexual exploitation.

Sexual abuse can occur in many different settings, including within families, in intimate partner relationships, at school or work, in religious institutions, or in other community settings. It can be perpetrated by someone known to the victim, such as a family member, friend, or acquaintance, or by a stranger.

Sexual abuse can have serious and long-lasting effects on the victim’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, as well as their ability to form healthy relationships and engage in sexual activity. It is important for victims of sexual abuse to seek help and support from trusted professionals, such as therapists or counselors, and to report the abuse to the appropriate authorities.

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