Dos & Dont’s when you Get Arrested.

The Dos

* Do be polite and as courteous as possible to the police.

* Do ask for the police officer name and badge number, or read it off of his or her badge. Try to remember it.

* Do place your hands where the police can see them.

* Do , if you are taken into custody, demand the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police

* Do ask if you are under arrest. If you are , you have the right to be told WHY.

* Do remember that you do not need to answer ANY question that the police ask of you. If you answer a question which at first seems harmless, be aware that it my came back to haunt you later.

The Dont’s

* Don’t offer information to the police, ko matter what tactics they use.

* Don’t get into an argument with the police, no matter how hard they may try to bait you into losing your temper.

* Don’t initiate physical contact with the police, even if you mean them no harm.

* Don’t run away from a police officer if you see one (or more) approaching you.

* Don’t resist arrest even if you think you are innocent, the time to protest comes later, if you resist arrest, you may face additional changes.

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