Last week we conducted our first monthly microplaning meeting. The peer educators, along with their supervisors, met to evaluate the progress of their monthly reports and to plan for the next month’s activities. During the meeting, the peer educators presented their reports on the number of people they reached out to, the activities they carried out, and the challenges they faced. The supervisors provided feedback and guidance on the reports and also discussed strategies to address any challenges that were encountered. They also managed to plan for next month’s activities. The peer educators discussed the topics they would be focusing on while reaching out to their peers in their respective hotspots. The supervisors provided suggestions and resources to support the planned activities.

Overall, the Microplaning activity was productive in evaluating the progress of the peer education program, addressing any challenges encountered and planning for the next month’s activities. The peer educators left the meeting with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities for the next month and the support they would be receiving from their supervisors.

We were also privileged to receive the OCS for Malindi who was also given an opportunity to come and exchange a word with our peer educators.

2 thoughts on “Monthly microplanning meeting for January 2023

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