As AMKENI enters to strategic plan 2018-2020, the future has a mixture of optimism and caution—optimism because of past success and the opportunities the future can hold and; caution because of the enormous uncertainties of LGBTI in our country. Charting a course into this future requires the organization to establish strategic directions and plans that can ensure success in promoting quality and healthy living among sexual minorities. 

Over the years, AMKENI has grown from men who have sex with men’ Youth support group (2009) to a LGBTI organization in Malindi -North Coast of Kenya. We grew tremendously in numbers and range ofservices offered to LGBTI Members in Kilifi County. This was culminated by collaboration with Red Cross- Kenya to establish a DICE in 2017 and UHAI in (2017) development of this strategic plan 2018-2020. 

Against this background of success, internal and external conditions require AMKENI not rest on its laurels, but explore its future opportunities and possibilities built on the core values anchored in this strategic plan. 

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank: Board, staff, Peer educators, and members for establishing and making AMKENI-“a great pride for all of us”; GALCK and community organizations; KEMRI for hosting and capacity building us over the years; Kenya Red cross Society through Global Fund for technical, and financial support in our health programs and DICE that we all call home. Many thanks to UHAI EASHRI for financial and technical support in drafting of this strategic plan; the county government of Kilifi ( Malindi Sub County , CASCO) who have always been there to help us meet our health needs in SRH/HIV. Lastly, to our implementing partners whom the list is endless for collaborating with us in delivering quality health services for our members. 

I look forward to seeing what this bright future holds for us as we walk through the journey. 

Yours Truly,

Abdulwahid Hassan

Director, AMKENI

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