I was living with my family when I came out as gay. This caught a lot of people’s attention that I lost some friends and neighbors gossiped a lot about me whenever I passed across them. I was no longer valued in the family. I saw myself as a shame in the society since no one was ready to hear me out and understand me for who I am. I found my whole life to be meaningless. I had nowhere else to go and this killed me a lot inside. The only solution was for me to let things be the way they are and live with guilt. I was then introduced to Amkeni Malindi by a queer friend who was volunteering as a peer educator in the organization. Since I visited the organization for the first time I came to realize that I was not alone, I met several queer people with different stories of what they’ve been through and this gave me hope. I usually spend most of my time at Amkeni because i feel like this is where i belong i feel like i am home. I forget my sorrows when when i meet and get to interact with my fellow queer friends. Thank you so much Amkeni Malindi for providing such a safe space for people like me.🙏🏼🏳️‍🌈

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