I am a male sex worker residing in malindi kisumu ndogo. I also do have a partner whom I don’t trust sexually. Lack of commodities has been the main challenge as a sexworker and also lack of enough money to buy the commodities. It could not pass a month without me getting infected with an STI. I got infected with STI due to the challenges explained above.One afternoon as I was meeting with one of my clients who is also a close friend at the same time,I realised that he came with his own commodities(condoms & lubricant). I was so eager to know where he got them from so I asked about it. The client introduced me to Amkeni Malindi, whereby I also got to sign a membership form and I was offered the commodities including flavoured condoms, lubricant, I was screened for STI and got treated. I got all these services for free.I am really thankful to AMKENI MALINDI for bringing such a program to the MSMs. I can now access the commodities I need and also health services for free.

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